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How to make academic writing interesting?

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Few people enjoy writing while few feel it painful. Irrespective of your perception of academic writing, students are compelled to complete these assignments effectively to achieve good grades in the universities. The biggest challenge of academic writing is that it is so academic. Armature students struggle to make perfect academic assignments. Academic writing need not necessarily be boring as it is perceived; here are some effective ways to make academic writing more interesting.

Use active voice

Students narrate their writings in a passive voice, believing it to sound more academic and serious. The fact is, it makes your writing more boring. The reasons behind it are unknown. More passive voice in the content makes your writing cumbersome and awkward.

Use familiar vocabulary

 Using big words does not necessarily make your assignments more interesting. Using flashy words has the potentiality of misusing them. Your writing aims to convey that you are an expert in making an intelligent argument, but not to show your language expertise. If you are sure about the meaning of the word you are using in the content, you are at the risk of using it incorrectly. It could also mislead the quality of the argument. You should  be sure about using the thesaurus to change a good word to something completely different

Outline the draft knowing what you are going to write

Even before you start writing an essay, you should know what you wanted to convey through it. The perfect way to craft an effective outline creating a proper argument. The basic structure of the paper should start with an introduction to the topic, followed by a body detailing evidence that supports the thesis. The last frame of the thesis is a conclusion that ties altogether, connecting the thesis. Though there is no rule of thumb regarding how much evidence to be included in the thesis, it is good to include at least three solid points. If you find it tough framing the outline,  you can always reach an assignment help the UK  for assistance.

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Know your audience

If you know who your target audience is, employ this tip to make your writing more interesting. Focus on what takes on a topic do they expect? The language they will understand the best, what part of the topic is more interesting to them, and so on. Address the reader in the assignment rather than writing a one-long monologue essay for your benefit. The essay should be interactive, and you should acknowledge the existence of the and their thoughts throughout the content.

Choose the  topic of your interest

Topic selection is key to writing an interesting academic assignment. Even in the instances where you are given a topic which you don’t care much about, you can still dig for the possibilities to find something more interesting about it. If you manage to start developing interest in what you are writing, you will be able to hook the reader’s interest as well.

Get to the Point

Wordiness is another enemy of good and interesting writing. Writing lots and lots of complex sentences in the academic paper does not showcase your expertise and intelligence in the subject. It rather depicts that you lack evidential arguments in the thesis and are trying to fill something in the gaps with senseless rambling.  Try to keep your sentences short. Keep avoiding long structures to the possible extent and cut away the excessive fat. Many professional experts at dissertation help UK can guide you in this regard.

Understand argument and analyze evidence

While you write an academic paper, run the entire thesis basing the main argument. It will help you keep track and make your writing more interesting. You should question if the evidence included does support your thesis. Evaluate every piece of evidence you include and support it with the strongest research. Every information you include in the content should have a clear connection.


This is the most important and overlooked part of the assignment. The conclusion ties your research to prove your thesis. A proper conclusion should outline key evidence of the discussed in the body ties to the approval or disapproval with the argument.

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