Impacts of Technology in Classroom Environment

Impacts of Technology in Classroom Environment

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Technology has generated a big difference in our existence. In today’s era, we have access to any information we want in a matter of seconds through the service of the internet. It not only has been beneficial in those dimensions but also in schooling. Due to the pandemic, students have been compelled to take the assistance of technology. It has made examining study material easier with the use of gadgets such as smartphones, iPad, Pcs etc. Technology can help students to keep texts handy and have group discussions whenever feasible. The educators were in despair as they always had the notion of technology as a mere distraction. Surely, it has positive outlooks but there are some negative too. Let’s list down all the points as follows;



 Some years back, going to school, and studying from physical books with a strict educator was what exactly ‘schooling’ was called. But now it has spun into online studying. Attending lecturers gives free access to whichever material they want. They have got everything in their hands with just one click. It also accelerates learning and fun opportunities to practice what they learn. Leaders and administrators should take stock of where their faculty are in terms of their awareness of online spaces. From lessons understood during this disruptive time, they can execute solutions now for the future. 


With the use of engaging content, students can easily grasp whatever concept through the help of – videos, Podcasts, free lectures on YouTube etc. It helps them to not only study from just only physical books but also from other content. It makes students easily understand the depth of the concept. Even toddlers can learn a few simple good habits from it. 



Studies show that most university studies end up taking help in doing assignments and paperwork, because of the numerous jobs, and other responsibilities. Therefore, they end up taking assignment help. This would cause dependency on others. They wouldn’t even try to do their assignments which will be hard for them to even write in exams. Assignment help in Nottingham has increased to 80% for 4th to 8th graders. Henceforth, it should be stopped and teachers should encourage students to write their assignments.


Students have found their comfort zone in front of their PC screens. They like to be isolated the whole time. The minute we’d ask them to get out of their rooms and stand in front of the class and speak. They will lack enthusiasm in them. The psychoanalytic Theory defines isolation as a defence mechanism. They feel a sense of security when using their gadgets. Procrastination takes place in their schedule. They no longer want to get out of that zone and actually do something. They don’t even try to socialize in person. Rather than connect with someone through the internet they’re actually disconnecting themselves from the real world. They pretend that technology bridges that gap in relationships and provides those young students with The impression that those friendships have not faded away. 


Technology no doubt has been a boon for all of us but somewhere down the road, it’s also not an ideal way of studying in a classroom one should adopt. As mentioned above, it might be easier to access and a better way for students who don’t enjoy just reading the books but it also isolates student’s from their social life. Hence, they should make use of it in a controlled manner.

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