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How to write a successful dissertation of 10000 words?

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Creating a perfect dissertation assignment is a nightmare for many students. It is no simple feat, and novice students struggle months to come up with a perfect assignment. Many students confuse a dissertation with a thesis but, there is a big difference between thesis and dissertation. Here is a guide to help you write a successful dissertation assignment. The key is to break down the 10000 words dissertation into chapters to set the task on the board.

1. Brainstorm the topics

The session should start with listing out the topics you are interested in and looking into each of them. That way, you will get an easy understanding of your area of interest and topic that stands perfect for your assignment. The session is further followed by effective research on the filtered topics to ensure there is a lot of potential information for the project. Once you get approval from the guide, dig deeper into the research, starting with the search engines, libraries, journals, and past dissertation. Organize the collected information properly so that you can easily pick when needed.

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2. Know chapters for the assignment

To frame this out, you should follow college or university. If there is any predefined structure in place, you have to route the task accordingly. In case you are developing it from the starch, you need to figure out how to overcome the monster. For a 10000-word dissertation project, a five-chapter structure would sound convenient while making sure that no important aspect is left behind in the project. The chapter heads generally include an introduction, literature review, methodology, results & discussions, and conclusion.

3. Number of words to go for each section of the dissertation

 3.1 Introduction

Starting with the introduction, which is to grab individuals’ attention and keep them hooked till the end, the introduction part should take a word count not less than1000. It should include argument, scope, background, research questions, and assumptions about the outcomes. Once you master this section of the assignment, nothing blocks your way of crafting a flawless assignment.

3.2 Literature

The chapter includes a summary of all the literature you have used in the project. The ideal length of this chapter would be 3000 in a 10000-word project. Make sure you keep the balance in the content to keep the reader hooked while he/ she refers to the project.

3.3 Methodology

In this chapter, you should talk about methods you used for writing a dissertation to avoid the reader’s confusion while going through the dissertation. What is the magic number here to keep the structure of the assignment perfect? It is 1500 words which take 15% of the assigned space. It can do wonders, and your professors will be at the project.

3.4 Data Collection + analysis

The key chapter of the assignment is data collection and analysis, where you state the data collected and present a detailed analysis. The chapter takes quite less number of words 500 in the total project, but it has to be stated in every detail to make your professors happy and escape quite a number of revisions.

3.5 Conclusion

The last part of the assignment conclusion is a vital part of the assignment as it notes the final outcome of your research and efforts for months. The conclusion part takes 10% of the assignment that accumulates around 1000 words. It holds an explanation about the outcomes of the research along with your opinions and recommendations about that.

4. Time to be devoted  to complete dissertation assignment

It depends and varies as per each individual needs. The average time a person takes to complete an assignment is 20 days. It is again your comfort that decides the amount of work to be completed in a day out of 10000 words. To make it quick, you reach assignment help in Nottingham; You should a time in a day to work on the assignment and stick to it till you complete the project. Make sure not to hamper your routine much to work on the project to ensure you are not exhausted soon. Feel enthusiastic about what you work on, and you will be able to complete the project sooner than expected.

5. Conclusion

All the key in writing a perfect dissertation assignment lies in balancing the project to get the reader’s assignment. Never delay it; start the project the day you get instructions from the professor. Any unexpected trouble blocks you from reaching the deadline; you can always seek assistance from the dissertation help UK to match the project to the deadline.

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